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Welcome to Our Resort

Welcome to Stay In Varkala. Living during this little peaceful resort on the beach can provide you with a nice vacation time. For a lot of journey we will give you some fascinating tours in and around Kerala. A rejuvenating Kerala ayurvedic massage treatment and a refreshing yoga session would build a world of goodness to your body, mind and soul.The eco friendly seaboard building offers you a good vary of foods from contemporary food to inexperienced vegetables saute with passion underneath most sanitary conditions.


Ayurveda brings you the most effective in written material treatments as well as Panchakarma Treatments, Detoxification

Our Rooms

Our rooms architecturally designed and interior adorned to reinforce comforts of keep, thereby instill freshness.

Tour Packages

Kerala may be a good destination for nature, culture and relaxation. With its relaxed beach scene, swaying elephant rides

Kerala Food

Rice and cassava (Tapioca) kind the staple food of Kerala. All main dishes ar created with them and served with Kootan

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